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2017 National U16 Championships and U15 Junior Gold Cup
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The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) U16 National Championships will be held in the September holidays in 2017. New South Wales have been invited to enter two (2) State teams in the Championships. The venue for the ARU National U16s will be The Southport School on the Gold Coast. The Tournament will run from Sunday 24th  September to Saturday 30th  September. It will be an eight (8) team competition comprising of Qld 1; Qld 2; NSW 1; NSW 2; ACT; Victoria; WA and a Combined ARU side.

The ARU Junior Gold Cup (JGC) is an entry point into the National long term talent development for youth players at U15 age level. An ARU Competition will be run in September 2017 and New South Wales have been invited to enter three (3) teams. This program will provide players, coaches, administrators and match officials the opportunity to be involved in high levels of representative Rugby programming and development at a National level on an annual basis whilst maintaining and improving local/regional representation.

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